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Activities & Tourist Attractions in Pahalagm

Activities & Tourist Attractions in Pahalagm

Activities & Tourist Attractions in Pahalagm

you will find plenties of activities & tourist attractions in Pahalgam. In this page we will explain about all the activities and tourist attractions in Pahalgam. Do not expect much from this town if you are a mall addict or fond of shopping. You are not going to get anything like that here but there are a lot better things to do in Pahalgam. Far from the maddening crowd, this place is no less than a dream for nature lovers; people who get euphoric with the sound of gushing river, people who see a mountain and imagine how beautiful the world would look from up there. Moreover, it’s a heaven for anglers and has various options in the nearby areas. Pahalgam also offers various adrenalin pumping options like rafting, sledding and trekking for adventure enthusiasts. In addition, there are camping options available alongside the Lidder River and Aru Valley. Avid golfers and those who wish to behold the scenic beauty of the place shouldn’t miss a visit to Pahalgam Golf Club. Also do not miss out on taking a pony ride up till Baisaran, which is an absolute must-do for all types of travellers.

Activities  & Things to do in Gulmarg

Water Rafting in Pahalgam Lidder River

It’s a joy ride for rafting enthusiasts, the 2.5 km stretch, with fewer rapids. While for pros there is a long and extra long stretch with 5 and 8 km white river rafting stretch, respectively. The grades differ as per the difficulty level with II being the easiest and IV being the highest on difficulty rank. These rafts are guided by a team of professional rafters and at least one professional will assist your group. Usually this trip begins at Langanbal Bridge and terminates at Ganeshpora. Rafting upto 2.5 km is suitable for children who are above 12 years of age. The joy of rafting early in the morning as the ice cold water drenches you from top to bottom is priceless!

1. Camping in Pahalgam

You can do camping at Aru Valley for scenic view , at Lidder river valley   & at Nunwan during  Amarnath Yatra

2. Sledding in Pahalgam

You can enjoy Sledding at Chandanwari

3. Paragliding in Pahalgam

You can enjoy Paragliding at Pahalgam

4. Shopping In Pahalgam

Pahalgam, originally a shepherds’ village, is naturally known for products made of wool. Gabbas and Namdas can be purchased from local shops.

5. Clubbing in Pahalgam

Pahalgam Club, managed by J&K TDC, is being rebuilt and once completed will have a restaurant, auditorium, health club, open food court, amphitheater and other facilities.

6. Trekking In Pahalagm –

The environs of Pahalgam offer exciting trekking opportunities, the best known being: Pahalgam – Chandanwari- Sheshnag- Panchtarni- Amarnath Cave Temple- Sonamarg. Also you can do trekking to Kolahoi Glacier.

7.  Golfing in Pahalgam at Pahalgam Golf Club

Pahalgam has a 18-hole Golf Course, which is of exceptional beauty and quite unique. It’s not only for the golf enthusiasts; the Pahalgam Golf Club is as beautiful as any natural attraction of the region. Snow-clad mountain peaks and tall pine trees surround this large bowl-shaped golf course. Resting at an altitude of more than 7250 ft, this golf course has bunkers of different sizes and shapes and OB areas that’d test your patience. You need to be fit and healthy if you wish to play here as the golf course features many elevation changes and 18 holes.

8.  Fishing / Angling in Pahlagm

The Lidder River has excellent fishing beats for brown trout. The fishing season stretches from April to September. Permits are issued, for a maximum of three days at a time, on a first-come – first-served basis and are charged on a per day per rod basis. Fishing equipment can be hired in Srinagar. Live baits and spinning are not allowed. For permits contact the Directorate of Fisheries, Tourist Reception Centre, Srinagar. There is so much to do in the valley but not much time. Good news for the anglers is that there are myriad spots in and around the region where they can head for trout fishing. There are many streams and tributaries fed by the Lidder River that provide a great option for fishing. The fishing season is at peak between April and October and is quite cheap as compared to other destinations known for fishing around the world. A maximum of three-day permit is issued to the enthusiasts and a lot of tour operators assist in providing fishing equipment on rent besides arranging for fishing tours. For overnight expeditions, special tents are arranged that are complete with basic facilities. Popular spots for trout fishing include Singh Valley, Upper Valley and Lidder Valley.

9.  Excursion or Picnic Tour  in Pahalgam

You can do Picnic or excursion trip  in Bettab Valley / Aru Valley/

10. Ponny Ride in Pahalgam –

You can do Ponny ride to Baisaran Meadow / Tulian Lake etc

8.  Religious Activities in Pahalham –

You can visit Amarnath yatra pilgriamge of Lord Shiva vaia Chandanwari Sheshnag, Panchtarni, Holycave.

9. Bird watching in Pahalgam –

You can do bird watching at AruValley /Bettab Valley /Tulain Lake

Tourist Attractions in Pahalgam

In Pahalgam You will find lots of sightseeing& Tourist Attractions . Below we have explained each one.

Aru Valley

Aru is a tourist spot in the Anantnag District of J&K, India and is located around 12km from Pahalgam, 11km upstream from the Lidder River. Aru Valley lying at an elevation of 7200 ft, this meadow leads to the famous trek via Lidderwat, extending to Kolahoi Glaciers (36 km) at an altitude of 3,400 m. Travellers visiting Pahalgam can reach this village by travelling on a motorable road or walking along a mountain path. This valley has clear blue canopy over its head, misty and romantic surroundings, whispering pines and sweet chirping birds create a captivating aura for the visitors. Though the village is the smallest and tiniest hill station, its breathtaking beauty and activities like trekking, hiking, horse riding make it one of the popular tourist places to visit in Pahalgam. Aru is one of the most scenic and quiet attractions of Kashmir and is therefore loved by artists and nature lovers. Vast meadows surrounded by the mist-covered mountains covered with pine trees add to the beauty of this valley. It acts as a base camp for Kolhoi Glacier, Tarsar Lake, Lidderwat, Vishansar-Kishansar, and Kangan. A lot of tourists choose to camp here for a night and sink in the quiet of the nature. Aru is surrounded by many beautiful alpine lakes and meadows and is therefore home to many hotels and restaurants, if you do not want to camp and stay longer. Activities like horse riding, trout fishing, trekking and photography can be enjoyed here.


Situated 16-km from Pahalgam, Chandanwari is the starting point of the Amarnath Yatra, which takes place every year in the month of Sawan (Rain). Chandanwari is the starting point of pilgrimage to one of the holiest shrines of Hindus, AmarnathTemple. Easily accessible by road, this place has been a part of several Bollywood movies, the most famous of which is Betaab. Also a wonderful picnic spot, Chandanwari offers sledding opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. Unless you are extremely unfortunate, you are bound to find snow here. Gum boots are available on rent from the nearby stalls and locals running the sledding camps will tip you on the dos and don’ts of sledding.

Bettab Valley

Betab Valley is a very popular touristic destination. Betaab Valley serves as a base camp for trekking and further exploration of the mountains. It is on the way to Amarnath temple route.  Betaab Valley Situated at walking distance from the Pahalgam city center, this valley is among the handful tourist places that the tourist should not miss. Encircled by mountains and featuring deodar and pine forests, the flora and fauna keeps everyone interested.

Kolahoi Glacier

You need to do a little labour to reach this place. Kolahoi Glacier is a natural marvel that is about 26 km away from the scenic town of Pahalgam. Resting at an altitude of 4700 metre, it is the source of the Lidder River. A small trek from Lidder Valley leads to Kolahoi Glacier. The trek actually commences from Aru Valley, which is another scenic attraction of Kashmir. En route you’ll be greeted by majestic pine trees, meadows coloured with wild flowers, gushing rivers and snow clad peaks. Take a night halt alongside Lidder River (base camp) and start on horseback next morning. Near the glacier, the meadows are greener and you could click some fantastic photographs.

Mamaleshwara Temple

Mamaleshwara temple is located in  Mamal, located few kilometres away from Pahalgam. It is very old temple dated back to  AD 400, this temple has been an important place of pilgrimage in the region for decades.  This temple is of lord shiva.  It is situated upwards a mountain that lies along the banks of the glacial Kolahoi stream. The temple premises have an old shrine, which was decorated with pure gold during the reign of an erstwhile king. This temple is not big by any means and is barely under 8 square feet internally, has a porch supported in the 2 columns. It houses an old pedestal and a Shiva Linga. Surprisingly, a spring of remarkably pure water rises from under the temple site and is enclosed in a basin in front of the stairs.


Situated at a distance of around 5 km from Pahalgam, Baisaran offers panoramic views over the town as well as the Lidder valley.This location has some of the darkest and long meadows matching with those in Switzerland. Hence it is also termed as Mini Switzerland and the dense pine forest around gives the green carp et look to the meadow a fine contrast. Even more contrasting is provided by the snow-capped peaks of all the surrounding mountains. Seldom one sees such contrasting hues spread all over and it is enough to become a jaw dropping scenery for the surprised visitor.

Tulian Lake

Tulian Lake is located in a meadow with pine forests and lies between the two Himalayan mountain ranges of Pir Panjal and Zanskar.

Sheshnag Lake

Sheshnag Lake is a high altitude mountain lake at an elevation of 12,000 feet, near Vavjan.

Katernag Lake

A high altitude alpine lake 7km from Aru, remains almost frozen whole year that is why it gets this name KATER NAG.

Mt Kolahoi

Highest Mountain Peak in Kashmir Valley. It is also called Matterhorn of Kashmir because it resembles with Mt.Matterhorn of Switzerland.

Tarsar Lake

The Tarsar Lake trek gives you a most memorable glimpse of the breath-taking beauty of Kashmir.

Marsar Lake

The Marsar Lake is drained by an outlet stream which falls into the Lidder River and is situated at 5 km away from the village Nagberan.


The Litherwath runs through Pahalgam in a rushing gray-green torrent, breaking in curling waves against the boulders that lie in its path.

Chari Nag Lake

Nice Place For Sightseeing

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